Our EHS Auditors are Experts in:

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Multi-Facility EHS Auditing Expertise:

Industries We Have Served

Our EHS Auditors have extensive experience in these major industrial sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Alloys

  • Aluminum

  • Asphalt

  • Automotive

  • Batteries

  • Brick

  • Cement

  • Chemicals

  • Commodities

  • Electronics

  • Fertilizer

  • Fiberglass

  • Food

  • Foundries

  • Furniture

  • Hazardous Waste TSD Facilities

  • Iron & Steel

  • Metal Casting

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Paper

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Plastics

  • Power Generation

  • Printing

  • Refineries and Terminals

  • Scrap

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Waste Management Facilities

  • Wood

Environmental Audits

KERAMIDA's environmental audit and consulting services are unparalleled in the industry - having earned us a reputation for technical excellence combined with efficient professional service. We have performed hundreds of comprehensive environmental audits for manufacturing facilities, throughout the U.S. and abroad, both for compliance assessment and acquisition purposes, on behalf of industrial clients, law firms and lending institutions.

KERAMIDA's Environmental Auditors perform:

  • Extensive review of production, materials, processes, by-products, wastes and the associated environmental management systems

  • Operational history and records

  • Local, state and federal file review

  • Compliance record review

  • Investigation of on-site and off-site waste disposal practices and sites

  • Review of pending regulatory actions including Superfund involvement

  • On-site inspection and employee interviews

  • Preparation of a comprehensive report and management-friendly finding checklists

KERAMIDA conducts specialized environmental audits, such as waterworks and wastewater treatment (POTW) audits at various university campuses and municipalities, and RCRA compliance customized audits for universities, municipalities, and industries.

KERAMIDA's EHS Audit Tools

We customize our audit tools to fit client needs for each project and audit. Commonly requested software platforms include:

Dakota (Environmental & OSHA)

Dakota Software Corporation has been providing regulatory compliance products to regulated industries, consultants and government since 1988. Dakota's suite of products, Profiler, Auditor, Tracer CA and Tracer IA can be used in combination or independently to proactively manage compliance at the point of control. 

Sphera (OSHA) 

Complying with safety, quality and environmental regulations and standards is increasingly important and has become more difficult as operations grow. Individual facilities are frequently using different methods and descriptions to define and assess risks, different models to score the severity and likelihood of risk and a multitude of systems and methods to control operational risk. This creates isolated pockets of risk knowledge, and impedes the ability to accurately share best practices and lessons learned while effectively managing risk across the business.

Sphera enables you to standardize your process for identifying, analyzing, mitigating and monitoring operational risk. We provide a means to quickly and accurately understand your risk profile, helping you make better decisions and drive sustainable improvements.

What our EHS Audit clients are saying about us:

I have never worked with a better group of folks than you have at KERAMIDA.
— Comment following 10 audits from Senior Attorney with Major Law Firm, Washington, D.C.
Just want to send a note to tell you what a fantastic job you did in preparation for our BVC audit. After 4 days of BVC looking at the entire EMS, ZERO Non Conformances were found. This is definitely delivering superior results and KERAMIDA should take pride in this accomplishment by their representatives.
— Safety, Security, and Environmental Manager at Major Manufacturer (BVC Audit)
All sites passed the audits with flying colors. We look forward to working with KERAMIDA for next year’s audits as well.
— Automotive Parts Manufacturer
Our plant had two IDEM multimedia compliance audits this summer and both resulted in “no violations.” We credit KERAMIDA for getting our environmental compliance performance up to par.
— Enviornmental Manager & Regulatory Contact for 2 Foundries
We wanted to take an opportunity to comment on the KERAMIDA Audit this week. We found the audit itself to be very useful. Positives were the professionalism of the auditor, knowledge level of the auditor, focused prepared written agenda distributed at opening, written preliminary report of audit findings/results distributed at closing, very comprehensive approach. We were amazed at the amount of regulatory items covered, reviewed, and toured. The Auditor as well had an electronic spreadsheet that he followed as a roadmap and it helped to keep us on track and moving forward. Lastly, his demeanor and professionalism was very much appreciated. Thank you.
— Manager at Meat Packing Plant (Health & Safety Audits)

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