The KERAMIDA team promptly and effectively addressed the job scope which encompassed three states and numerous sites. Their team provided outstanding communication and were able to save my company several thousand dollars whilst providing superior customer service. The KERAMIDA team will be my first call for future jobs within their scope.
— Midstream Oil & Gas Client (IH Sampling)
Thanks again first and foremost for all your good work as the technical wagon master on this most troublesome and often aggravating project but also for saving us many tortured conversations about waste management. We sang your praises in unison.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Landfill Excavation Project)
The training went really well! The checklist is really great too! Thanks for all you’ve done over the last SEVERAL MONTHS to make today’s training a HUGE SUCCESS!
— Major Municipality (Development of Sustainability Training for Manager)
I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates for the creativity, thought and professionalism that was apparent in your proposal. While controlling costs is always a major concern, low initial cost without regard for quality and responsiveness is false economy. Your proposal, as well as your company’s performance on past projects for us, demonstrates technical ability, innovative thinking as well as a concern for quality and cost control. Your company does it very well.
— National Real Estate Holding Company
Your team has “stepped up” and helped us with several of our facilities, across the U.S. and Canada. I am proud to recommend your services, and so glad to know you’re there for us!
— Industrial Client
It was a pleasure to work with KERAMIDA. The entire process was very smooth, nothing like the stories that you hear. Additionally, your staff’s performance was excellent. Everyone was motivated and extremely professional in their efforts, and they were flexible and understanding of my work schedule. Quite simply, they worked on if it were their own. I hope our company treats customers the way you treated us. Thank you and we’ll be sure to call KERAMIDA for all our environmental consulting needs.
— Manufacturing Facility
Thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work on the green checklist. I reviewed it this afternoon and WOW! It is really well done! Just wanted to pass a big fat kudos to you!
— Government Employee for Green Infrastructure
Our plant had two IDEM multimedia compliance audits this summer and both resulted in “no violations.” We credit KERAMIDA for getting our environmental compliance performance up to par.
— Environmental Manager & Regulatory Contact for 2 Foundries (In-plant services, air permitting, reporting, compliance audits, & stack testing)
Thank you for playing an integral role in making Groundwork Indy possible.
— Kyle E. Rogers, Environmental Scientist, Brownfields & NPL Reuse Section, US EPA Region V
I knew from looking at your business that KERAMIDA is a very good, very solid company, but last week showed a tremendous amount of character and pride that was truly impressive. Many times I see good business practices and a sterile environment, or too much character and not enough professional competence, but in this case you have the best of both. Rarely, in my 30 years of banking have I found this combination of traits.
— Major Bank Executive
KERAMIDA’s performance is stellar, and will exceed your expectations. I have used their services for at least 15 years now with 100% satisfaction.
— Industrial Client
One thing that should have been a part of the discussion today but wasn’t is how much we appreciate the time and effort that you put into developing this excellent draft work plan. We know there was much hand wringing by you in trying to address concerns and at the same time complying with the Agreed Order and addressing IDEM’s concerns. No one could have walked that tightrope better than you. Please be assured that we know and appreciate the value you bring to this difficult exercise
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Draft Work Plan for Remediation)
I found KERAMIDA to be very professional, responsive to our needs, cost effective in their work, and something that was most helpful to me and my staff, leaders in their fields. This leadership enabled KERAMIDA to mentor and advise the City on a number of fronts including air pollution legislation and control, water quality, industrial pretreatment, and site remediation. They played a key role in helping the Division’s vision for the future, both from a policy and financial standpoint. Having worked for the City of Indianapolis, KERAMIDA is attuned to the bureaucracy, financial aspects and need for implementable answers that are a part of working for a municipal government.
— Former City Official
Of all those 280+ reviewers, your opinion is the one I respect the most.
— Remedial Project Manager at US EPA (TSL 5 Year Report)
The field conditions turned out to be different that what was anticipated and these two KERAMIDA professionals adapted flawlessly to every unexpected event. I appreciated their insightful technical judgment and suggestions as we modified the sampling program to adapt to the unforseen conditions. Both of these KERAMIDA professionals were focused on getting the job done right and happily put in the extra effort and time to make sure their performance and the project exceeded every expectation. I am happy to say that from a client’s perspective KERAMIDA does what it takes to provide the highest and best services to their clients.
— Power Industry Client
Thanks again for your responsiveness and reliable assistance!
— Director of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability at Major Grocery Chain
Thanks for the great work on this indoor air quality evaluation. I appreciate you taking the time to understand the specific needs of the project and coming through with an outstanding work product. Definitely value added!
— Airport Official (Indoor Air Quality Evaluation)
KERAMIDA has done an amazing job finding creative ways to accomplish projects that otherwise would not have been done.
— Assistant Township Administrator (Projects included Brownfields, Grants, Phase I & II, and Due Diligence)
KERAMIDA’s ability to change directions on the scope of our permit several times without any loss of time was a great value to this project. We would recommend KERAMIDA without hesitation.
— National Woodworking Company
I was impressed with you and your firm’s responsiveness, in that I called you and you were able to provide the services I needed the next day. Your employee was highly qualified and experienced and responded with just what we needed in a very short time, with no wasted effort. He was a pleasure to work with.
— Corporate Director of EHS, Major Power Company
It has been my pleasure to work with the staff at KERAMIDA for the last two years on a variety of different Brownfield projects. They have a unique ability to take highly technical information, disseminate it, and present it within a redevelopment context.
— City Official (Brownfield Client)
Your service has been excellent. It has been a pleasure working with you. Everyone has been responsive to my needs and (they) understand what my goals are.
— Senior Environmental/Safety Specialist-City of Cincinnati (Landfill project)
Just want to send a note to tell you what a fantastic job you did in preparation for our BVC audit. After 4 days of BVC looking at the entire EMS, ZERO Non Conformances were found. This is definitely delivering superior results and KERAMIDA should take pride in this accomplishment by their representatives.
— Safety, Security, and Environmental Manager at Major Manufacturer (BVC Audit)
I want to share with you how impressed we are with you and your firm. Especially throughout the SCIPS meetings, you were the person who brought common sense and logic to our team.
— A & E Firm (Bid/Proposal)