Our EHS Training sessions combine technical expertise with effective, clear instruction tailored to fit the needs of the participants. 

KERAMIDA provides EHS training for employees of companies through in-person sessions, webinars, online courses, and custom-made videos.

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Our EHS Training Services:

Customized on-site and off-site training courses: 

  • Half & Full Day Courses on Impacts of Regulations on Specific Industrial Sectors

  • Preparation of Training Manuals and Web-based Training Courses

  • Testing / Exam Materials Included by Request

  • Training for Industrial, City, and Government Workers

  • Free Lunch & Learn Training Sessions

KERAMIDA's ISO 14001 Training

Web-Based ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training Course

KERAMIDA, in cooperation with the National Die Casters Association (NADCA) has developed a web-based training course for individuals wishing to receive the required ISO 14001 standard training for the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Internal Auditor. The self-guided electronic course includes examples from various industrial categories and contains a final examination.

Highlighted Experience:

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Training for Major Electric Utility

KERAMIDA conducted a one and a half day training course covering the principals of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) audit, as required by the ISO 14001 standard for Internal Auditors. KERAMIDA developed the facility-specific training materials and performed the on-site training of the industrial employees. The course included the performance of a mock ISO 14001 EMS facility audit by the designated employees, under KERAMIDA's guidance.

OSHA® Training


Near Miss Safety Training


KERAMIDA's Near Miss Report Training - Online Course

KERAMIDA is pleased to offer an online interactive training module for educating the workforce and promoting safety through near miss reporting. If you would like to get safety off the ground at your facility by training in near miss reporting please let us know, we are standing by to assist you in your ongoing health and safety efforts.

Health & Safety Training for Industrial Facilities

KERAMIDA's Health & Safety experts provide a wide range of training subjects for industrial facilities seeking to establish a strong health & safety program.

  • Hazardous Communication

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Walking Surfaces

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Material Handling of Chemicals

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Medical Record Access

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Agency Inspections

  • Internal Auditing Process

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • OSHA 300 Logs/Recordkeeping

  • Incident Investigation

  • Work Permits

  • Electrical Work Safety

Industrial Health & Safety Procedures Development & Training

KERAMIDA developed the following Health & Safety Procedures for a 27-facility industrial corporation. The procedures were then incorporated into a KERAMIDA-designed website and we provided the training for employees from each facility.

  • Accident Investigation

  • Asbestos

  • Below the Hook

  • Benzene

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Cadmium

  • Chemical Approval Program

  • Coke Oven Emissions Program

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Contractors-Hiring and Certificates of Insurance

  • Danger & Warning Tag Program

  • Drug Free Workplace

  • Employee Access to Records

  • Employee Alarm Systems

  • Employee Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Procedures

  • Employee Wellness

  • Ergonomics

  • Fall Protection Program

  • Fire Prevention - Extinguishers & Sprinklers

  • First Aid & Medical Treatment

  • Powered Industrial Trucks Program (Forklifts)

  • Formaldehyde Safety

  • Hazard Communication

  • Hearing Conservation

  • Heavy Mobile Equipment

  • High Voltage - Electrical

  • Hot Work-Cutting, Welding, Brazing

  • Industrial Hygiene Guidelines

  • Ionizing Radiation Safety

  • Job Safety Analysis

  • Ladders

  • Lead Safety

  • Program for the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

  • Low Voltage - Electrical

  • Machine Guarding

  • Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety

  • OSHA Inspection Protocol

  • Overhead Material Handling-Cranes, Monorails, etc.

  • Personal Protective Equipment Program (PPE)

  • Property and Vehicle Loss Control

  • Punch Presses

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Return to Work

  • Robotics

  • Safety Inspections

  • Safety Orientation Training & Job Transfer

  • Safety Training Guidelines

  • Silica

Highlighted EHS Training Courses:

Spill Contingency Training

Client: Major Metals Manufacturing Company

KERAMIDA conducted a half-day training course covering oil and chemical spills, including Emergency Response, Communications, and Cleanup requirements. KERAMIDA developed the training materials and performed the training of the industrial employees.

Oil Spill Control and Countermeasures Training

Client: Major Manufacturer

KERAMIDA conducted a half-day training course meeting the SPCC requirements, covering Emergency Response, Communications, and Cleanup. KERAMIDA developed the training materials and performed the on-site training of the industrial employees.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Training

Client: Major Manufacturer

KERAMIDA conducted a half-day training course covering Spill Response, Communications, Inspections, Record Keeping, Good Housekeeping, Sampling and Permitting. KERAMIDA developed the training materials and performed the on-site training of the industrial employees.

Waste Labeling Training

Client: Major Manufacturer

KERAMIDA conducted a half-day training course covering labeling requirements under RCRA. KERAMIDA developed the facility-specific training materials and performed the on-site training of the industrial employees.

Hazardous Waste Generator Awareness Training

Client: Multi-Facility Major Electric Utility

KERAMIDA conducted a half-day regulatory required training course covering worker health & safety and environmental requirements for hazardous waste generators. KERAMIDA developed the facility-specific training materials, performed the on-site training of the industrial employees and issued the certificates documenting each employee's training. 

KERAMIDA's professionals have given over 1,000 lectures to universities, technical conferences and seminars across the U.S. and internationally.

Over 30 of our professionals are frequent lecturers in national and international conferences, and authors of textbooks, papers, and technical manuals.

KERAMIDA's Annual Indianapolis “Day at the Park” EHS Conference

Learn about current Environmental, Health and Safety topics taught by our experts, followed by an Indianapolis Indians game at Victory Field!


Praise for our Environmental, Health and Safety Training Services:

On behalf of our employees, I wanted to tell you what an outstanding job you did on our Environmental Training. You visited both sites in order to put together a site-specific presentation, and to meet our plant production requirements, you conducted ten training sessions in two consecutive days. The first session was at 6:00 a.m. Training on our schedule is duty ‘above and beyond’. I appreciate your timely responses to our numerous questions, your patience, dedication, and assistance with whatever issues arose. I thank all KERAMIDA personnel for the outstanding service you continually provide to us.
— Industrial Client (Environmental Training)
My heartfelt thanks to you and the entire KERAMIDA team for a well-executed and very well-received Seminar yesterday. I have heard many positive comments from attendees, including praise for the expertise exhibited by KERAMIDA.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Environmental / Occupational Safety & Health Updates Seminar)
Your help this past year was invaluable, assisting in securing keynote speakers from Subaru and U.S. EPA. In addition, I am delighted to let you know that 3 of the top 5 best-rated workshops out of 29 were led by KERAMIDA speakers-OSHA inspections, underground storage tanks, and energy audits. Kudos to the KERAMIDA-led workshops!
— President, Manufacturers' Education Council (19th Annual Sustainability & EHS Symposium Presentations)
The training sessions are going very well. Your personnel do a great job. The sessions are concise and informative.
— Manager, Plant Operations at St. Vincent Hospital (Health & Safety Training)
I want to thank you for the wonderful job. I appreciate the brevity of the outline, and the attention to detail in your instruction.
— Transportation Company (Training class)
Thank you! It was a pleasure meeting you! I found quite a lot of the material to be relevant to our site needs. You seem to have a great team of professionals who have a good sense of comradery. I hope to make more events and seminars in the future!
— Manager at Flooring Company (KERAMIDA Workshop)
Thank you for having us at the program. It’s a pleasure learning from the experienced professionals at Keramida.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (KERAMIDA Workshop)
Thank you so much for the Green Street Workshop today. I enjoyed your presentation and had some fun a-ha! moments. I wish every Indiana business would hire KERAMIDA!
— Green Street Institute Presentation Attendee

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