Environmental Compliance Audits for McWane Inc. 

(photo: McWane.com)


McWane, Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of iron water works and plumbing products and one of America’s largest privately owned companies. The company manufactures products including ductile iron pipe and fittings, fire hydrants, cast iron soil pipe and fittings, and related products. 

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, McWane is a privately held, family owned company employing almost 6,000 people in 25 facilities nationwide. Since 1999, McWane has invested more than $300 million in capital improvements and operations related to environmental compliance.

Project Details:

KERAMIDA contracted with McWane, Inc. upon their request for multi-media environmental compliance audits of four McWane, Inc. facilities in the U.S. The audits were a thorough review of each facility’s compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations included but not limited to air, waste, water, SPCC, community-right-to-know, DOT (as it pertains to hazardous waste handling and transportation) and PCB laws and regulations. The audits considered best management practices for environmental compliance activities, reporting, and record keeping. KERAMIDA has the expertise and resources to perform the type work required and produce a high caliber product within the time requested.

KERAMIDA assessed environmental systems and tools. KERAMIDA reviewed the effectiveness and robustness of systems, procedures and information management tools used by the facilities for managing environmental activities

KERAMIDA performed an environmental compliance audit of each facility to determine its current status with regard to all applicable environmental laws. Also, with regard to records, KERAMIDA performed on-site reviews of records generated, received, or submitted since the last audit. KERAMIDA evaluated, through our independent access and review of facility files, the records, reports and other agency submissions made by the facility since the last audit.

KERAMIDA performed inspections, interviews and records reviews to determine if all significant changes or events since the 2014 environmental audit, including process or equipment changes, agency inspections, NOVs, Notices of Noncompliance, permit limit exceedances, community complaints, and fines and penalties have been recorded and managed appropriately, and review their potential impact on the compliance status of the facility.

KERAMIDA requested copies of previous audit findings, current air and wastewater permits and active compliance orders for review prior to the audit and identify any questions regarding the documents. KERAMIDA performed a pre-audit review by the Audit Team with the Project Manager in addition to the on-site audit.

During the on-site audit, KERAMIDA held an opening meeting with facility management. Subsequently, KERAMIDA performed tours of all areas of the facility, including production areas, shipping/receiving, maintenance, utilities, energy management, tanks, storage, water treatment, waste management, pollution control devices, and office areas. The remainder of on-site time was utilized for records review and interviews with personnel as necessary. A closing meeting was conducted at the end of each on-site day to communicate initial findings, data gaps, and schedules. KERAMIDA’s dedicated approach to audits ensures the best facility compliance with any and all issues required. KERAMIDA continues to contract with McWane to provide audit services.

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