Our Water and Wastewater Services include:


Stormwater Management Services

KERAMIDA has provided assistance to hundreds of industrial and municipal clients in the preparation and negotiation of NPDES permit applications, stormwater management strategies, and the preparation of SWPPP and Stormwater SPCC plans. Learn more about our stormwater consulting services ›

NPDES Permitting and Limits Development

KERAMIDA has provided assistance to many municipal and industrial clients in the preparation of NPDES permit applications and the development of appropriate permit limits and biomonitoring conditions. Our professionals have negotiated successfully on our clients' behalf with state environmental agencies and the U.S. EPA offices in Regions One and Five.

In a project completed for the City of Indianapolis, KERAMIDA provided technical support to the City for the preparation of its applications for the NPDES permit renewals for its two POTWs and the stormwater NPDES. The work included:

  • Technical evaluation of plant performance and river water quality data collected over a period of 10 years

  • Interpretation of applicable present and forthcoming regulations

  • Evaluation of their impact on the permits and development of strategies for compliance

  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies

In another case, KERAMIDA was retained by a major municipality to assist in the development of its NPDES permit limits, in the preparation of comments to the proposed permit and in negotiations with the regulatory agency. This included evaluation of the impact of the Great Lakes Initiative, as well as evaluation of multiple river water, sediment and invertebrate studies, effluent toxicity assessments, and industrial discharges.

In a project for an East Coast Industrial Facility, KERAMIDA drafted comments to the proposed NPDES permit and established technical justification which convinced EPA Region I to issue the final permit without the objectionable limits included in the proposed permit.

Wetlands Delineation and Mitigation

KERAMIDA conducts identification, delineation and mitigation of wetlands as part of many site assessments, major development projects, and landfill siting and design projects.

Our professionals have extensive experience conducting wetlands delineations and endangered species surveys to determine if any state or federal permitting requirements for a property or project are necessary. In addition to wetland delineations, KERAMIDA performs wetland mitigation activities to compensate for unavoidable impacts to wetlands, streams, lakes, rivers, and other Waters of the State.

We have worked with state environmental and natural resources agencies, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to provide information such as project descriptions, maps and wetland delineation reports for the determination of whether wetland mitigation is required, as well as conducted wetland inspections required for mitigation.

KERAMIDA conducts wetland investigation / delineation work for many clients in various business sectors. In 2018, KERAMIDA was hired by an international client to assess numerous sites across the U.S. to determine if the work being conducted could impact jurisdictional wetlands and other Waters of the United States (WOTUS). KERAMIDA’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Vicky Keramida, has also served as a wetlands expert witness on behalf of the seller for a 69-acre site. Dr. Keramida was engaged to review previous documents, perform an ecological survey, conduct a wetlands investigation and delineation, and to offer expert testimony regarding the findings. 

Water Quality Assessments

Eagle Creek - KERAMIDA performed an investigation of the presence of hazardous organic and inorganic substances in Eagle Creek and Eagle Creek reservoir in Indiana, an evaluation of possible pollutant contributing areas, and an assessment of pollutants' effects to human health and environment.

Chloride in Great Lakes Study - KERAMIDA performed a study to evaluate the presence and cause of chloride in the waters of Lake Michigan under a grant from U.S. EPA Region 5.

Water Quality Standards - KERAMIDA evaluated the impact of new Indiana water quality standards on a major municipality's NPDES permits and on industrial indirect dischargers. KERAMIDA also prepared comments to the proposed water quality regulation on behalf of the municipality.

Highlighted Experience

Drainage Study and Implementation

KERAMIDA's work in a drainage study and implementation project included:

  • Evaluating drainage alternatives for large commercial trucking facility

  • Calculating drainage basin flow and performing hydrologic model to obtain construction permit

  • Oversight of design

  • Preparation of applications to city and state agencies

  • Successfully negotiating with both agencies to reverse their original refusal and issue the permits. Permits were granted by both agencies.

Construction in a Floodway Permit

KERAMIDA has prepared numerous permit applications and performed floodway modeling using HEC-2 and HEC-RAS software; prepared IDNR permit applications, including soil erosion plans; and negotiated with IDNR and obtained permits. 

Recharge Pond

KERAMIDA has conducted an extensive recharge pond study for evaluation of environmental impacts of adjacent land practices by an energy generation facility on the pond's water and sediment and the vicinity's groundwater.

Fish Kills

KERAMIDA has conducted extensive investigations of fish kills, on behalf of potential dischargers, including:

  • Circumstances of fish kill

  • River studies

  • Fish sampling and cause of death determination

  • Chemical breakdown in surface waters

  • Modeling of dispersion

The work included extensive evaluation of POTW operations, and presence of toxic compounds in sewers.

Praise for our Water, Storm Water, and Wastewater Services:

The employees that I have worked with at KERAMIDA have been extremely helpful.
— Foundry (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan)
A better business partner I have yet to meet. You are an asset to your organization & I value our business relationship, your counsel means much.
— General Manager at Plastic Recycling Plant (Rule 6 Stormwater Compliance Services)
I can’t thank you enough for your help on this; you guys have been great to work with.
— Plant Manager (Stormwater Analysis Results)
I was on a North America conference call yesterday with all of our EOHS people from all our facilities, when a fellow from Bowling Green, Kentucky mentioned that he was using KERAMIDA for a project on their Waste Water Treatment. Another fellow from the Cambridge, Ohio facility spoke up during the call and confirmed that you guys do excellent work. We here at Richmond continue to speak highly of you.
— Major International Home Goods Company (Compliance Work)
Thanks for your invaluable input yesterday. We look forward to working with you to positively resolve this situation.
— Regional Manager for Major National Corporation (NPDES Permit Petition for Administrative Review)

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