Environmental Compliance Audits for Multiple Hospitals

Project Details:

A local environmental attorney referred KERAMIDA to a large hospital corporation that had just received a significant violation from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). KERAMIDA was hired to conduct comprehensive environmental compliance audits at 9 hospitals and 2 distribution/office buildings. Upon authorization to begin work, KERAMIDA was able to schedule two auditors to conduct all audits in approximately one week, starting the following week. The audit report for all 11 facilities was turned around and submitted to the client within 5 days of completing the last audit. Following the audits, KERAMIDA was hired to assist with the corrective actions for all priority 1 and priority 2 audit findings.

KERAMIDA worked with the client to perform air emission inventories to verify emission units that were identified during the compliance audit. KERAMIDA worked with the client to determine the appropriate air permit required based on emissions, prepared the required permit documents, and reviewed the draft permit written by IDEM to ensure its accuracy. KERAMIDA took into account any exemptions, Source Specific Operating Agreements (SSOA), and Minor Source Operating Permits (MSOP). KERAMIDA completed all Tier II reporting for the client, and provided confirmation of report submittal and copies of the report.

Numerous unregistered underground storage tanks were located at several of the client’s properties. KERAMIDA worked with IDEM and each facility to obtain the required information to submit UST registration to ensure compliance. Additionally, KERAMIDA drafted Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) to the numerous client facilities, which required one, based on site visits to each location.

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