KERAMIDA Management System Services

What We Do:

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental MS

  • ISO 14001:2015 Transition Services

  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety MS

  • ISO 50001 - Energy MS

  • ISO 20400:2017 - Sustainable Procurement Guidance

  • Responsible Care (RC) - Chemical Industry's Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security Performance Initiative

  • Coatings Care - Worldwide Program for Paint & Printing Ink Manufacturing Industries for Environment, Health, Safety, Distribution, and Product Stewardship

  • Sustainability & ESG MS - KERAMIDA's Management System Based on the ISO Platform


How We Do It:

KERAMIDA develops and implements all the above management systems in record time using our proprietary FastTrack® process. With FastTrack®, we can have your management system ready to implement in just six on-site days.

Our ISO management system professionals provide:

Our firm's qualified Lead Auditors and strong alliances with ISO 14001 Registrars assure a smooth and cost-effective ISO registration process for our clients.

KERAMIDA has been advising clients on the principles, requirements and implementation of Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems and ESG-Sustainability Management Systems since the early 1990's.

We fulfill the ISO Management System needs of domestic and international clients from many sectors, including automotive, cast metals, chemicals, plastics, power generation, cities and universities. Our expertise in the areas of industrial processes, sustainable development, green technologies, pollution prevention, material substitution, regulations, and EHS compliance allows us to design management systems that provide our clients with cost effective management tools. 

KERAMIDA's knowledge and experience in ISO Management Systems, and understanding of the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Responsible Care (RC), Coatings Care, and Sustainable Development Technical and Policy Aspects enables us to customize Management Systems and better serve the needs of our clients.

FastTrack® EHS and ESG Management System Program by KERAMIDA Inc.

KERAMIDA's FastTrack® program creates a certifiable and complete EHS or ESG Management System, designed specifically for your organization.

Using KERAMIDA's proprietary FastTrack® and Streamliner™ systems, we can develop and implement a fully documented Management System ready for registration in 3-4 months.

We have developed software to facilitate the design and implementation of EHS and ESG procedures and offer site-specific systems integration for clients with systems already in place. 

KERAMIDA's FastTrack® program is designed for organizations interested in reducing environmental, health, safety, and energy impacts while increasing operating efficiency. 

Our professionals will develop your EHS or ESG Management System during four to six days of on-site sessions working alongside your key personnel. Upon conclusion of the program, your organization will have a complete ISO 14001 MS, ISO 45001 MS, or an ESG Management System ready to implement. 

KERAMIDA began its FastTrack® program in 2000 and has developed hundreds of Management Systems for manufacturers in various sectors, businesses, universities, utilities, and municipalities.

KERAMIDA's FastTrack® Management System Program:

  • Provides on-site Management System development assistance from KERAMIDA staff.

  • Identifies the most important risks and opportunities in your operations based on the Management System desired.

  • Requires minimal internal resources and interruptions.

  • Recommends methods to improve compliance and manage risks.

  • Creates a fully documented Management System ready to implement in record time - no more than six on-site days.

FastTrack® creates a fully documented EHS or ESG Management System ready to implement in no more than six on-site days.

How Can You Benefit?

ISO Management Systems and ESG Management Systems can result in both business and environmental, health and safety, and sustainable development benefits. Maintaining an EHS or ESG Management System can help your organization achieve the following results:

  • Improve environmental, health, and safety performance

  • Enhance compliance

  • Prevent pollution and conserve resources

  • Reduce/mitigate risks

  • Attract new customers and markets (or at least retain access to your customers and markets that have EHS-MS requirements)

  • Increase efficiency

  • Reduce costs

  • Enhance employee morale and enhance recruitment of new employees

  • Enhance image with the public, regulators, lenders, and investors

  • Achieve/improve employee awareness of environmental, health and safety, and sustainable development issues and responsibilities

In order to benefit from FastTrack®, organizations should:

  • Be willing to commit four to six key personnel from management, human resources, purchasing, maintenance and engineering, to no more than six days of on-site working sessions

  • Assign a Management System Manager who will maintain the EHS and/or ESG Management System long-term and coordinate on-going training, documentation, audits, management reviews, and changes to the Management System

Comments from our satisfied FastTrack® clients:

The pre-session planning/overview for the FastTrack® Program was appreciated. KERAMIDA was flexible with schedules and willing to work at the needed pace. The FastTrack® application process was very simple, and we completed our EMS planning ahead of schedule.
— Utility Client
KERAMIDA’s FastTrack® staff was very helpful and knowledgeable on environmental rules and ISO procedure development. They were all very, very informative and organized. It made the work enjoyable and we were quickly able to complete the process. The FastTrack™ Program exceeded our expectations as we are just beginning to learn about EMS. We have previously used KERAMIDA and will continue to use them.
— Grain Transportation & Processing Company
Thank you very much for all your assistance. It would have taken us another year to get this far. We are going to work diligently to get registered by this summer with our integrated system and will most likely need additional service from KERAMIDA. Thanks again!
— Ink Manufacturer
If your prospective clients request to speak with a satisfied customer about the FastTrack® process and working with KERAMIDA, you may forward my name and phone number to them. I enjoyed working through the process, found working with you to be very pleasant and professional, and look forward to receiving/working with the end result.
— Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Trane Commercial Systems, Air Conditioning Manufacturer
This was a very painless process. By going through this process, it was identified that we were wrongly out of compliance. KERAMIDA was wonderful in helping us correct this situation. Without this process, we would have no way of knowing. The KERAMIDA staff were wonderful to work with, and I was very impressed with the communication and coordination between KERAMIDA and our facility. The effectiveness of the on-site work was excellent, and the process was significantly streamlined for our company. KERAMIDA’s FastTrack® Program was well beyond expectations!
— Electroplating Company
I worked with KERAMIDA to develop our site’s Environmental Management System. I would recommend the protocol they used in developing our EMS to other sites. They were professional, kept us on track/task and fun to work with. The final product is professional as well.
— Environmental, Health & Safety Manager at Manufacturing Plant

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