FastTrack® EHS-MS for Cummins ONAN

Project Details:

Cummins headquarters

KERAMIDA implemented its customized Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System set-up method known as FastTrack®. The program followed a proven step-by-step managed process and created a fully documented EHSMS ready for implementation. Of special interest to Cummins was the ability of FastTrack® to integrate additional corporate requirements beyond ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, as well as integration of existing applicable procedures.

The FastTrack® program was structured in a way that maximized the outcome of each activity yet allowed for maximum flexibility and cost-control. All services were directed by KERAMIDA’s qualified ISO Lead Auditors. While the plan was customized to Cummins, KERAMIDA kept in mind that a "simple plan is the best plan". The EHSMS was successfully certified under ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by a certified third-party registrar within 6 months of implementation. 

KERAMIDA performed the following steps unique to Cummins ONAN to achieve their specific desires for the final EHSMS.

Days 1-5:
Environmental: Aspects and Impacts; Objectives and Targets

Days 6-10:
Health & Safety: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Controls and Objectives

Days 11-20:
Environmental, Health & Safety: Procedures and Forms

Days 21-29:
Environmental, Health & Safety: Implementation

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