FastTrack® ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System for Delphi Technologies

Project Details:

KERAMIDA provided Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S MS) set-up services to Delphi Technologies, a global auto parts manufacturer. Delphi’s goal was to register their Kokomo, Indiana facility under the ISO 45001 standard. KERAMIDA assisted in developing an OH&S MS that was ready for implementation, internal auditing, and registration, providing support until the facility was registered. All services for this project were directed by KERAMIDA’s qualified ISO Lead Auditors.

KERAMIDA’s professionals used our customized OH&S MS set-up method known as FastTrack®. The program followed a proven step-by-step managed process that created a fully documented OH&S MS ready for implementation. Of special interest to Delphi was the ability for FastTrack® to integrate existing corporate requirements.

The FastTrack® program consisted of a series of working sessions in which KERAMIDA worked with facility personnel to facilitate the data gathering and analysis required to develop the OH&S MS. The working sessions were conducted over the course of 3 on-site days and focused on customization, documentation, and design of procedures with the facility. KERAMIDA’s systems specialists worked with key members of the facility personnel as needed with minimal disruptions of the personnel’s job functions.

ISO 45001 OH&S MS Developed in 3 On-Site Days:

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Controls and Objectives (Part 1)

Day 1 (on-site):

  • Review ISO 45001 and corporate requirements

  • Discuss activities and processes at the facility

  • Conduct plant tour

  • Perform job safety analysis of company’s activities and processes

  • Identify legal and other requirements

  • Determine risk assessment methodology

  • Perform risk assessment

  • Establish identified risks

  • Review corporate objectives

  • Select hazards & risks to be managed with H&S objectives

Day 2 (on-site):

  • Establish program framework to achieve H&S objectives

  • Complete any additional set-up and data entry into existing electronic document management system

  • Establish assignments, planning goals and timetable for Part 2

Procedures and Forms (Part 2)

Day 1 (on-site):

  • Draft (or approve existing) Health & Safety policy

  • Review existing procedures:

    • Corporate H&S Procedures

    • Facility H&S Procedures

  • Determine required procedures and forms

  • Draft procedures and forms for approval

  • Draft HSMS manual

  • Develop implementation schedule for:

    • Use of H&S procedures and forms

    • Training

    • Communication (internal and contractors)

    • Compliance evaluation

    • Internal audit

    • Management review

    • Registration audit

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