International Multi-Facility EHS Audits for Confidential Sector Leader (U.S., Europe, and Asia)


KERAMIDA’s Confidential Client is one of the largest companies in the world within its sector. This valued Client had EHS Management Systems in place for many years, but wanted an objective third party review of its success in implementing Corporate EHS Management System Standards across the enterprise. The Client also wanted to benchmark their EHS MS against others within and outside their business sector. They needed a knowledgeable third party to do a “deep dive” review.

Project Details:

KERAMIDA’s experienced EHS auditors conducted on-site inspections and provided the Client with written assessments of six facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. At the conclusion of the project, the Client was able to provide detailed feedback to top corporate management on:

  • Its success in the implementation of the Corporate EHS Standards in each business unit and the effectiveness of the systems based on a third party assessment;

  • Benchmarking of the enterprise EHS Management System as compared to peers within and outside its business sector;

  • Recommendations for improvements in implementation at each facility and the overall content of the Corporate EHS Standards and Management System.


KERAMIDA’s EHS Auditing Services included:

Development of a Standardized EHS MS Assessment Tool

The standardized assessment tool was customized to the client’s terminology, management system contents, and organizational structure. A standardized assessment tool ensured consistent completion across all sites and audit teams.

On-site Assessments at Six (6) Facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia

The assessments were conducted over 2-3 days and included site inspections to understand the processes being managed, extensive interviews with employees at all levels of responsibility, and documentation review of procedures and records. 

Written Assessment Reports

KERAMIDA delivered a written assessment report after each site visit summarizing how successful the site was in implementing the Corporate EHS Standards. The assessment pertained to the method of customizing the Corporate EHS Standards at the site, adequate records confirming effective, consistent and sustainable implementation, and competence at all job levels to carry out their responsibilities (top management to site staff). 

Facility Comparison Assessment

After all site activities were complete, KERAMIDA provided a final report which included a comparison of assessment results among the facilities in the categories of:

  • Implementation and Ownership

  • Communications

  • Safety Programs

  • Systems / Technology

  • Risk Assessments / Job Safety Assessment / Management of Change

  • High Risk Work / Permit to Work

  • Regulatory Surveillance

  • Contractor Management

  • Inspections

  • Self Assessments

  • Training

  • Incident Investigations

  • Personnel Observations

Peer Benchmarking

The final report also included a peer benchmarking assessment of the Corporate EHS Standards against EHS Management Systems implemented by other six (6) other organizations within and outside the client’s business sector, in similar geographic areas, and of similar size. The organizations were selected from KERAMIDA’s client portfolio based on our knowledge of their EHS Management Systems. The benchmarking was a detailed narrative discussion of similarities and differences in the categories noted above.

Recommendations for Improvements

KERAMIDA provided the Client with detailed recommendations for improvements to facility implementation and the overall content of the enterprise Corporate EHS Standards and Management System. The Client was able to move forward with continual improvements of its MS using the data acquired from KERAMIDA’s independent review and objective peer benchmarking process.

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