Our Environmental Due Diligence Services:

KERAMIDA’s Environmental Due Diligence Expertise:

Dayton-Former Dayton Electro Plate (COAF)   (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via    Flickr   )

Dayton-Former Dayton Electro Plate (COAF) (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr)

  • Thousands of complex environmental due diligence projects completed, nationwide and abroad.

  • Our due diligence experts gave the first AAI (All Appropriate Inquiry rule) Workshop in the country in 2004, with follow-up AAI workshops given annually.

  • Unparalleled experience in Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and compliance audits.

  • We were one of the first firms in the nation to perform environmental due diligence in the 1980's, and conduct training for banks and attorneys as early as 1989. 

  • Starting in the early 1990's, KERAMIDA was one of the first firms in the nation to perform vapor intrusion assessments and mitigation/remediation.

  • Our professionals have developed and given hundreds of lectures and training courses on environmental due diligence.

  • Our experts have decades of experience drafting environmental due diligence policies for numerous banks, as well as training their staff on these policies.

  • We are the Choice Technical Due Diligence Consultant for many banks and law firms throughout the U.S.

Experts in Environmental Site Assessments and Investigation

KERAMIDA's experience with site assessments and investigations is unparalleled. We were one of the first firms in the nation to perform property evaluations in the 1980's and have been in the forefront ever since. Our position as one of the best environmental due diligence companies in the U.S. stems from the volume of cases our firm handles, the many environmental due diligence lectures which our professionals have given over the years, and the training workshops KERAMIDA has conducted to advance the knowledge of affected parties. 

Our professionals have performed environmental assessments for both purchasers and buyers, as well as on behalf of banks, law firms, cities, and insurance companies. Our experience has given us a broad perspective on both technical issues and regulatory constraints related to environmental site assessments in a wide variety of situations, such as housing developments, apartment complexes, farmland, service stations, manufacturing facilities, industrial complexes, health care facilities, and numerous other businesses.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

KERAMIDA performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments following the American Society for Testing and Materials guidelines, ASTM E 1527-00, as the minimum requirement. Our procedures exceed the ASTM E 1527-00 requirements in several critical areas, with the client's concurrence.

Sycamore-Kirby Tire Site (COAF)   (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via    Flickr   )

Sycamore-Kirby Tire Site (COAF) (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr)

KERAMIDA has earned a stellar reputation for performing simultaneous multi-site Phase I and Phase II Assessments competently and within the tightest of deadlines. Highlighted key projects include:

  • 12 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments at facilities located in the U.S. and Europe for an international health and safety equipment manufacturer, with a completion time requirement of seven business days.

  • Fifteen Phase I Assessments in the Midwest performed for a major bank with a completion time requirement of 2 weeks.

  • Five Phase I and Phase II Assessments of industrial facilities for an agribusiness interest in the western U.S. with quick turnaround requirements.

  • Seven Phase I and Phase II Assessments of industrial facilities and vacant land for a national industrial client. Sites were in Indiana, Maryland, Florida, California, Missouri, Arizona and Pennsylvania and work required mobilization within 2-3 days from notification.

  • Five Phase I and Phase II Assessments of industrial facilities in Indiana, New York, North Carolina and Kentucky with quick turnaround requirements.

  • Forty-four Phase I Assessments for a development project in Indiana.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) & Contaminated Site Remediation

The second phase of assessments includes, when required, electromagnetic ground surveys, sampling and analysis of soils, groundwater, surface water, air, asbestos, lead, and radon, and recommendations of appropriate cleanup activities. Finally, during the third phase KERAMIDA designs and conducts remedial activities and certifies their completion. KERAMIDA has been used in many occasions by law firms, banks and other clients to verify the findings obtained by other firms and/or complete the remediation in site assessment projects.

Kenton-Former King-Ohio Forge Facility (CORF & COAF)   (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via    Flickr   )

Kenton-Former King-Ohio Forge Facility (CORF & COAF) (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr)

Kenton-Former King-Ohio Forge Facility (CORF & COAF)   (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via    Flickr   )

Kenton-Former King-Ohio Forge Facility (CORF & COAF) (photo: the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr)

Our unique ability to handle contaminated properties is evidenced in the example cases summarized below:

  • KERAMIDA proposed a winning, creative solution for a complex petroleum contaminated property and successfully negotiated with the state agency for the approval of the recommended approach. KERAMIDA's technical solution for remediation and ability to negotiate with the agency lowered the cost of remediating the site by over 50% of the cost projected by other consultants, thus enabling the client to purchase the property and develop it into a successful business.

  • KERAMIDA's innovative investigation approach at an old bulk petroleum facility for a case undergoing litigation showed that no remediation was needed, while the consultant for the other party had performed expensive investigations and had claimed a remediation was needed at a cost of $1 million. The case was settled favorably for our client.

  • KERAMIDA was brought in to take over a case of extensive soil and groundwater contamination by chlorinated solvents, because of inadequacies in the investigation and remediation approach of the previous consulting firm. KERAMIDA's step approach in the investigation and use of new technologies in the remediation saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • KERAMIDA employed a new technology for remediating contaminated groundwater which employed the injection of an oxygen releasing compound (ORC). This was the first time this technology was approved in a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) by IDEM.

  • KERAMIDA, in collaboration with our client, established the components for using natural attenuation as a viable alternative to remediation. This project was approved by IDEM and it was the first natural attenuation case handled by the agency.

  • KERAMIDA's extensive Superfund experience is of great value to our clients when dealing with cleanup issues such as Environmental Fate/Risk Assessment, Feasibility Studies, and Remedial Action Plans, all common tasks in Superfund projects, and important elements under any cleanup project regardless of the nomenclature used for these tasks. KERAMIDA's Superfund project at the Tippecanoe County Landfill went through the Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Phase and achieved completion of the Remedial Design/Remedial Action (construction of remedy) phase in record time.

SREA Report Services

The Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) Reasonable Care Compliance Program saves both time and money by helping scrap processors and brokers perform due diligence on a scrap-consuming facility’s environmental compliance record as required by federal law to help provide a valid defense against a Superfund liability claim.

KERAMIDA’s SREA Report Portal

KERAMIDA has built a proprietary online ordering portal to provide SREA Reports to scrap processors and brokers. KERAMIDA's SREA Report Portal is an intuitive, user-friendly, and secure online ordering system. Our reports help cover your SREA “reasonable care” obligations to help you determine whether to ship to a customer. Our reports summarize vast amounts of publicly available compliance records and present the findings in an easy-to-understand language.  

  • With over 30 years of expertise conducting environmental due diligence, KERAMIDA has access to numerous federal, state and local regulatory databases and experience interpreting environmental regulations and site-specific records.

  • KERAMIDA is also the SREA Report vendor of choice for ISRI members, investigating nearly 2,000 consuming facilities and completing over 8,000 reports annually.

  • For each site ordered, KERAMIDA’s professionals will compile a SREA report which contains a concise, user-friendly facility evaluation along with supporting backup data gathered from searching over 1,200 federal, state, and local databases; FOIA requests; and facility questionnaires.

Ordering SREA Reports:

SREA orders can be placed through KERAMIDA’s online report ordering portal: https://order.keramida.com

Follow the log-in instructions on the portal page for ISRI Members / Non-Members.

You will receive an email confirming your order. Once our investigation is complete and your SREA Reports are finalized, you will be notified via email with instructions about accessing and downloading your reports.

Voluntary Cleanup Programs

KERAMIDA has worked successfully and extensively under various state Voluntary Cleanup programs and has received completion on those projects. Furthermore, KERAMIDA has been an active participant in the development of the Indiana Voluntary Cleanup program and the Indiana RISC program, is participating in Ohio's Voluntary Action Program review, and is involved with California's Private Site Manager/Environmental Assessor II Program.

Brownfield Redevelopment

KERAMIDA has been a leader in the Brownfield Redevelopment arena. Our firm has undertaken the cleanup of several major industrial sites for redevelopment purposes and our professionals are nationally recognized experts in the concept and application of the Brownfield Redevelopment principles.

Learn more about our Brownfield Services ›

Praise for our Environmental Due Diligence Services:

I want to thank KERAMIDA for helping us with the Phase I and Phase II investigations at the five sites. I particularly appreciate the timeliness of the responses at both steps of the investigations that allowed us to close the transaction on schedule. We appreciate KERAMIDA getting this work done professionally, on time and within budget.
— Law Firm
Thanks so much for your prompt attention to my e-mail requests over the Holiday Weekend... Again, Keramida’s prompt response to all requests we have made over the past 60 days have not gone unnoticed and are very much
appreciated. I look forward to working with you and others at Keramida in the future.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Multiple Phase Is in Indiana and Georgia)
Very well done report. I appreciate the prompt response and assistance as we came up on some tight deadlines.
— City Manager in Ohio (Environmental Phase I Property Assessments)
Thank you for having your Phase I report for the three parcels in the subject site delivered to me. I found your report to be thorough and very informative about the environmental challenges presented by this site. Thank you for the quick turnaround on this report.
— Senior Development Officer, City of Cincinnati
I appreciate your help and will continue to refer your services to everyone.
— Bank Officer (Phase I / Due Diligence)

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