Environmental Site Assessment of Kuppenheimer Pants Factory


The City of Wellston will receive $130,894 in Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (COAF) assistance to conduct a Phase II Environmental Assessment on the former Kuppenheimer Trouser Factory. The Project Property is comprised of one parcel totaling 3.9 acres southwest of the City’s downtown. (description via Ohio Redevelopment Projects - ODSA)

The first known use of the site was Milton Furnace and Coal, dating back to at least 1888. The site was then Wellston Iron and Steel Company, then Milton Iron Co. After this, the site acquired its current building footprint and was used as Hercules Trouser Company. After the Trouser Company left, a bakery/chocolate packaging company used parts of the building on site. The building was then vacant, and a fire destroyed most of the building on April 5, 2011.

Project Details:

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was performed by KERAMIDA in the summer of 2011. The purpose of the Phase I was to determine what, if any, VAP “Identified Areas” (IAs) exist on the property. After the fire on April 5, 2011, concerns about asbestos on the property were expressed by the local Fire Department. KERAMIDA conducted an asbestos survey and located one 150 foot long asbestos wrapped pipe. The asbestos was abated and any asbestos containing material was properly removed and disposed of. The Phase I lead to the identification of three Identified Areas (IA), all related to petroleum impacts. KERAMIDA then completed a VAP  Phase II on this property that was funded through the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund. Based on the subsequent Phase II investigation and Property-Specific Risk Assessment (PSRA), KERAMIDA recommended an Environmental Covenant to restrict the use of the property to commercial or industrial use. KERAMIDA has submitted a NFA request to the OEPA.

Photos: “Wellston-Kuppenheimer Trouser Factory (COAF)” by the Ohio Office of Redevelopment, via Flickr.

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