KERAMIDA's professionals have provided environmental litigation support and served as expert witnesses in hundreds of cases during the last 25 years.

All of Dr. Keramida's cases have either been won at trial or settled favorably of behalf of KERAMIDA's clients.

Our experts have also been retained by law firms, insurance companies and financial institutions in hundreds of cases to review the quality and reasonableness of information generated by other consultants, and to judge the appropriateness of their conclusions and recommendations. KERAMIDA is also frequently referred by law firms to provide technical services to clients with challenging environmental problems.


Examples of Cases:

  • Steve E. Schmitt, et al. v. Whirlpool Corporation, et al.

  • Bowens et al. v. 7-Eleven, Inc., et al.

  • Blue River Services, Inc. v. Texaco, Inc., et al.

  • Hightshue v. Roberts Pipeline Construction Company, Inc.

  • Mears v. Alt Witzig

  • Indiana Gas et al v. Aetna Casualty, et al.

  • Hydro Conduit Corp. v. Overnite Transportation Co.

  • Meyer v. Shell, et al.

  • NRC Corp. v. Amoco

  • Blue Lake v. Chrysler

  • Hoosier Limited Partnership v. State of Indiana, Sunoco (R&M), Hahn Oil Co., et al.

  • Sara Lee v. Prudential Insurance Co.

KERAMIDA's Environmental Expert Witness Team


Vicky Keramida, Ph.D.

CEO and Chief Technical Officer
Experience: 31 yrs.

Dr. Keramida has been retained by law firms and financial institutions in hundreds of cases since 1989 to provide technical review and expert testimony in complex environmental disputes.

All of the cases in which Dr. Keramida has been involved as an expert have been either won at trial (and reaffirmed by the Appellate Court, when appealed) or settled favorably on behalf of KERAMIDA's clients.


Jim Schifo, P.E.

Vice President, Industrial Services
Experience: 36 yrs.


Mack Overton

Vice President, EHS Compliance Services 
Experience: 24 yrs. 


Albert Chung, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Engineer, EHS Compliance Services
Experience: 10 yrs.

Dr. Vicky Keramida's Expert Witness Experience:

Insurance Coverage

  • Retained by law firms representing insurance companies to provide technical review and expert testimony in numerous cases involving insurance coverage of contaminated properties. Several cases were settled favorably after written expert opinion was submitted.

Health and Safety

  • Expert witness in litigation involving the exposure of a worker to a release of mercaptans. KERAMIDA provided an assessment of the appropriateness of the standard of practice of disassembling chemical storage tanks, the dispersion of the compounds through air modeling, and the health effects of the compounds. The case was won in a trial by jury.


  • Retained by a law firm representing a foundry to provide technical assistance and expert testimony in a case where it was alleged that the foundry contaminated the soils of surrounding properties with lead from its air emissions.

Praise for KERAMIDA's Expert Witness Services:

KERAMIDA has an impressive group of professionals whom we have enjoyed working with in the past, and we look forward to working together in the future.
— Partner at a Major Law Firm
I again want to express my appreciation for Vicky Keramida’s job well done on the preparation and execution of her portion of the mediation. Her assistance was invaluable and greatly contributed to a good result for the client. It is a pleasure to deal with a real professional.
— Law Firm (Soil Contamination Investigation and Litigation)

Publications & Presentations by KERAMIDA Professionals: