Dr. Vicky Keramida's Solid Waste / Landfill Expert Witness Experience

All of the cases in which Dr. Vicky Keramida, Ph.D. has been involved as an expert have been either won at trial (and reaffirmed by the Appellate Court, when appealed) or settled favorably of behalf of KERAMIDA's clients.

Solid Waste / Landfill Cases

  • Case involving the appeal of an ash landfill permit: KERAMIDA performed extensive technical research of the area, which had a highly complex hydrogeology, and prepared a report about the hydrogeologic characterization of the resource recovery ash monofill site and its relationship to the surrounding land within a five-mile radius. The case was favorably settled and the permit was issued.

  • Provided technical review and expert testimony in litigation involving RCRA violations. KERAMIDA performed a characterization of the hazardous waste, and an assessment of the contamination of a 60-acre landfill by deposition of wastes, and the remediation cost. The case was favorably settled after deposition.

  • Retained by a law firm to provide expert testimony in a case involving the alleged impact of a landfill on an adjacent private property. The case was settled.

  • Retained by a law firm to provide technical assistance and expert testimony in a case involving the valuation of an operating municipal waste landfill. The case was favorably settled.

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