Environmental Compliance for Graber Post Buildings


Graber Post Buildings began in 1973 with Glen S. Graber running a 3-man Amish building crew building post frame buildings, which was a rather new industry at the time. Graber Post is now one of the leaders in the industry, and selling building materials across the entire continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Graber Post Buildings Inc.   (photo:    graberpost.com   )

Graber Post Buildings Inc. (photo: graberpost.com)

Project Details:

KERAMIDA contracted with Graber Post Buildings to provide a large number of services. KERAMIDA provided services that included waste disposal and management, instructing employees in best practices for aerosol management, and waste profiling. KERAMIDA prepared and submitted the client’s Minor Source Operating Permit (MSOP) to the state Office of Air Quality. KERAMIDA also assisted and submitted an amendment to the client’s MSOP with the state office of Air Quality. This was necessitated by activities at the client site related to fugitive dust emissions.

In addition to these duties, KERAMIDA submitted an industrial wastewater NPDES permit. The client’s site has multiple outfalls for wastewater associated with their site which constructs roof trusses, building columns and poles, metal building trim, roofing panels, etc. KERAMIDA completed sampling of wastewater in accordance with outfall sampling for NPDES requirements. KERAMIDA also completed a preventative maintenance plan for the site’s industrial baghouse and cyclone.

Other tasks completed for the client include quarterly reporting, completions of a spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plan, a stormwater permit, and Tier II reporting for emergency and hazardous chemical inventory reporting at the client’s site. KERAMIDA's ability to provide broad ranging and complex environmental services, is a valued asset to our clients.

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