Over 8,000 SREA Reports Produced in Record Time

KERAMIDA’s Indianapolis office is celebrating the completion of a large-scale environmental due diligence reporting project for a nationally known industry group. The project entailed producing reports for Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) compliance for the group’s members.

A team of 30 KERAMIDA professionals produced 8,209 SREA Reports in just under four months time.

KERAMIDA was able to accomplish this by using our own custom designed environmental due diligence reporting software - making the process streamlined, transparent, and user-friendly.

To benefit from the protections of SREA, the members needed to conduct due diligence on the environmental compliance of their consuming facilities. The findings from these environmental compliance investigations were then summarized in SREA Reasonable Care Evaluation Reports. Over 200 different member companies ordered reports over the course of the four month enrollment process which resulted in 1,914 unique sites being investigated, across 45 states in the U.S.

Our custom software allows us to create reports more quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly than ever before. This service is available to any client in need of SREA “reasonable care” reports. For further information on how KERAMIDA can help you streamline your SREA reporting process, please call us at (800) 508-8034 or contact us here.

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Wesley Fleming
Senior Project Engineer

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