KERAMIDA Develops Design Course for Purdue Civil Engineering Seniors

KERAMIDA is helping Purdue's School of Civil Engineering to develop a first-of-its-kind Senior Design Course for the Spring 2016 Semester, focusing on the TSL Superfund Site Reuse. The outcome of the course will be a winning Conceptual Design for TSL's Reuse, which will include all the reuse elements of the TSL Superfund Site Reuse Planning Study performed by KERAMIDA and approved by the USEPA and IDEM. 

The Superfund site's reuse is championed by the TERF Board, the entity responsible for its cleanup, operation, and maintenance so that this beautiful land can be enjoyed by the citizens of Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County. 

There are 80 students enrolled, all CE seniors. Taught by Dr. Vicky KERAMIDA, there will be 15 competing teams, with 3 winning designs taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes at the end of the semester. 

This course will set precedent, nationally, as this is the first time a multifaceted Superfund Reuse Planning Study will be the subject of a University Senior Design Course and the first time such Reuse Study will result in a product with the latest advances in engineering design which will allow, facilitate and expedite a Superfund site's full reuse potential. 

Learn more about KERAMIDA's work for the TSL Superfund Site: