Dr. Keramida Featured in Brooklyn Daily Eagle Article on Vapor Intrusion Problem in NYC


Dr. Vicky Keramida was asked to provide expertise for an article about an ongoing vapor intrusion issue that has persisted in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Greenpoint residents have smelled gasoline/petroleum and other fumes for months and are concerned that the testing performed by New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation and the state’s Department of Health hasn’t gone far enough.

Dr. Keramida provided her opinion on what type of testing should be conducted and recommended continuous monitoring of the buildings, local sewers and areas inside and outside homes in order for authorities to get an accurate picture of risk since one time testing may not capture the presence of vapors.

“Keramida also warned of the health risks indicated by the strength of the odor. She said that in small quantities, some of these chemicals are not detectable by smell, but still pose major risks.” (Source: “Greenpointers say gas fumes are making them sick, and gov’t is stalling”)

Read the article here: https://brooklyneagle.com/articles/2019/06/12/greenpoint-vapor-fumes/