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IEDA / IDEM / KERAMIDA - Webinar: Environmental Permitting Basics

  • Indianapolis, Indiana (map)

An often over-looked component to establishing new business organizations and expanding existing businesses is environmental permitting. KERAMIDA Inc, in conjunction with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDA), Devin Hillsdon-Smith, and representatives of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), will present a webinar for the purpose of explaining the applicable environmental permitting requirements. 

In particular, the webinar will discuss the differences between permits from a variety of perspectives. The requirements for all media will be presented, including storm water, waste water, air, and hazardous waste. The variations between permits for construction activities and operational activities will be described, as will the differences between new construction and modifications to existing facilities. In particular, the timeframes and a summary of the types of data required for the issuance of permits, as well as the costs for those permits will be described. To put these issues in context case studies will be shared to help Local Economic Development Officials avoid the most common pitfalls. 


"Permitting Basics for Economic Development Officials - New Construction, Facility Expansions and Modifications"

  • Mack Overton, Vice President, EHS Compliance, KERAMIDA Inc. 
  • Kathy Moore, Vice President, Air Services, KERAMIDA Inc. 
  • D. Hillsdon-Smith, Regulatory Affairs Liaison, IEDC