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The new year often results in a refreshing sense of hope and optimism which seems to motivate people to replace bad habits with good ones. Many resolve to do more exercise, eat healthier, and get a better night’s sleep. But what resolutions might you make if you want to improve the health of the planet? You might resolve to make your household more sustainable by creating less waste and using less energy. You might resolve to make your community more sustainable by driving less and eating locally grown food. You might even resolve to make your workplace more sustainable by implementing green-procurement policies or assist with a reporting effort. KERAMIDA’s sustainability reporting training will help you start 2018 with the skills you need to turn these resolutions into real impact.


KERAMIDA is a Certified Training Provider for Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and offers courses which cover essential topics such as reporting principles, materiality, stakeholder engagement, management approach and general disclosures.

Choose from two courses depending on your existing level of familiarity with Sustainability Reporting, in general, and GRI reporting, specifically:

GRI Certified Standards is a two-day, 16-hour course on GRI’s new reporting Standards, which replace prior generational versions of their popular reporting framework. This course will allow participants to become familiar with Sustainability Reporting and give them the skills they need to create a report of their own. Completing this course will prepare students for the GRI Standards exam and earn a 20% discount on the exam.

GRI Transition to Standards is a one-day, 8-hour course which will help existing reporters transition an existing or past report to the Standards framework. This course is ideal for participants who are already familiar with Sustainability Reporting and may have participated in compiling a GRI report in a generational (G3, G4) format.   


KERAMIDA is an Accredited Solutions Provider for CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) offering an 8-hour course on completing the 2018 Climate Change Questionnaire, due Summer 2018.

If your company was listed as a non-responder, received a poor score, or if you receive a CDP disclosure request for the first time in the coming months, KERAMIDA, can work with you individually on a 2018 response strategy.

Refer to our Sustainability Training Calendar to select from the many classroom-style courses offered monthly at our Indianapolis Headquarters. We are also happy to work with you to arrange one-on-one training or on-site/in-plant training to best suit your needs.

If you would like to learn more about KERAMIDA’s Sustainability Reporting Training services, please contact Pamela Griesemer, Vice President of Sustainability Services, at

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