Update: 2019 CDP Disclosure Deadline Approaching


The summer 2019 deadline for CDP submissions is quickly approaching. Companies must submit their response to investors and/or customers using the ORS by July 31, 2019 to be automatically eligible for scoring and inclusion in reports (where applicable).

We do not anticipate CDP will extend the deadline this year. CDP stated that it will not be making any significant changes to their existing questionnaires to allow for consistency and year-on-year trend analysis and to ensure robust ORS functionality, including the ‘copy from last year’ feature. 

Please note that the deadline for 2019 CDP submissions is:

  • July 31 for the investor request

KERAMIDA is offering individual draft disclosure reviews in June and July.

Sign up today for one of a limited number of one-on-one CDP work sessions available both as in-person training or remote training. Our CDP experts will work with you individually to hand score one of your draft 2019 disclosures (Climate Change, Water or Forestry) with the option to hand score a second of your choice, if time allows.

New Sector Questionnaire Timelines

The only new set of sector questions introduced in 2019 will be metals & mining / coal in the CDP forests questionnaire. This will be introduced as a pilot in 2019 and will not be scored. CDP will provide further details with the release of the questionnaires later in December.

CDP has postponed the introduction of the proposed financial services sector questionnaire until 2020.

In 2020, CDP will complete its alignment and coverage of the high-impact sectors identified by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). CDP will add the following sectors to the climate change questionnaire:

  • Financial services: banking, insurance, asset owners, asset management

  • Materials: capital goods, real estate development & management

(source: https://www.cdp.net/en/companies-discloser/disclosure-info)

If you are a discloser and have questions on any aspects of the CDP disclosure cycle, please contact us today for expert guidance.

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Vice President of Sustainability Services

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