Waste Management Services for Nissan North America

NIssan Decherd Plant   (photo:    www.nissannews.com   )

NIssan Decherd Plant (photo: www.nissannews.com)


nissan decherd plant   (photo:    www.nissannews.com   )

nissan decherd plant (photo: www.nissannews.com)

This KERAMIDA/Heritage Interactive partnership is a unique service offering in the third-party waste management contracted services market. KERAMIDA identifies and manages compliance with waste, reuse, and recycling environmental and transportation regulations while Heritage Interactive provides turnkey on-site personnel for waste management from collection to disposal. 

Project Details:

KERAMIDA provides an onsite staff person at the NISSAN North America, Inc. - Decherd, Tennessee Manufacturing Plant to manage all waste management and disposal. The staff person reports to the Nissan environmental engineer for solid and hazardous waste and recyclable commodities. Staff are onsite on weekends, or for additional time during the week, as necessary. The staff person participates in and conforms to Nissan's ISO 14001 programs. 

KERAMIDA, in partnership with Heritage Interactive, manages all aspects of hazardous waste, special waste and solid waste disposal for the facility. Additionally, all commodities available for recycling are managed in that manner. All management activities are conducted and managed in a manner that is compliant with federal, state and local regulations. 

For each managed waste stream KERAMIDA/Interactive provides a monthly summary report on quantities and weights of waste shipped offsite, costs, and treatment and/or disposal locations. KERAMIDA/Interactive prepares all profiles and manifests for Nissan's review and signature prior to shipping. KERAMIDA/Interactive maintains an Approved Vendor List as it relates to waste disposal. In order to establish and maintain the Vender List, a regular auditing program is conducted of all Vendors on the Approved Vendor List. 

KERAMIDA/Interactive focus on reuse/recycling options at NISSAN North America while maintaining regulatory compliance. Any new waste management opportunities that are identified are evaluated for environmental compliance implications. KERAMIDA determines the compliance requirements and develops the least burdensome permitting and implementation plan. Air permit status, waste generator status, wastewater and stormwater management can all be impacted by a waste management process change.

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