Industrial Hygiene Testing for Midstream Oil and Gas Facilities


KERAMIDA provided industrial hygiene testing for one of the largest midstream energy services companies in North America. The IH testing was performed at forty of their facilities throughout the Northeast.

Project Details:

KERAMIDA conducted industrial hygiene testing to determine employee exposures to noise and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Results of the testing for each of the parameters studied were provided to the Client in a formal report and summary. Within the report, values of measurements recorded were assessed by comparison to applicable regulatory limits.

  • Sound levels were assessed at various locations throughout the facility, as directed by the client.

  • An assessment was completed to evaluate the presence of NORM at the facility. 

A report was provided approximately two weeks after the completion of testing. The report contained a description of monitoring activities and presented the results in comparison to the relevant OSHA exposure limits. Attached to the report, KERAMIDA included copies of the Client's IH Sample Collection Form. This form communicated data collected at each site. An explanation of results relative to limits, observations made during the assessments that may impact exposures, and any recommendations that may be necessary to comply with OSHA regulatory standards were provided.

James Brown, EHS Project Coordinator, KERAMIDA Inc.

James Brown, EHS Project Coordinator, KERAMIDA Inc.

Based upon the scope of work, as well as the distribution of the forty facilities throughout the Northeast, KERAMIDA estimated that the project duration would be three weeks. KERAMIDA's EHS Project Coordinator, James Brown, was able to complete the project in just under two weeks - exceeding the Client's expectations, while providing quick, efficient, and professional service.

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