1-Day CDP 2018 Climate Change Disclosure Review:

Take advantage of CDP's deadline extension and sign up today for one of a limited number of sessions with our CDP experts who will work with you individually to hand score one of your draft 2018 disclosures (Climate Change, Water or Forestry) with the option to hand score a second of your choice, if time allows.

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KERAMIDA Inc., 401 N. College Ave., Indianapolis, IN  46202

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How will I benefit?

Spend an entire day with one of our CDP experts going through your disclosure, finding ways to improve your score, and improving your own understanding about this highly technical reporting framework. Take with you recommendations for making this year’s disclosure the best it can be and be better prepared for next year’s reporting.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this working session is for you!

Have you completed your 2018 CDP disclosure but would really like for one of our experts to review it before you hit the “submit” button?

We can give you recommendations which will help make your submittal the best it can be.

Did the weighted scoring this year leave you exhausted?

We will score your disclosure and show you how it’s done so you will be better prepared to do it yourself next year.

Do the sector specific questions have you scratching your head?

We will show you how those new questions impact your score and how your answers stack up.

Would you be interested in having your draft disclosure hand-scored before you submit it?

Our scoring tool makes it easy to pinpoint where additional effort will make a difference in your outcome.

If you knew there was a change you could make that would improve your score, wouldn’t you want to make it?

Our experts will share with you tips and tricks for improving your score.

Individual 8-Hour Working Session:

KERAMIDA's CDP Certified Trainer, Pamela Griesemer will spend a day long individual/one-on-one/side-by-side working session with CDP responders to hand score one of their draft 2018 disclosures (Climate change, Water or Forestry) with the option to hand score a second of their choice if time allows.


Certified Trainer:
Pamela Griesemer, M.S., LEED GA, ENV SP, FSA
Vice President, Sustainability Services

For more information please contact Pamela Griesemer at pg@keramida.com.

Sustainability Reporting Training Participant Reviews:

I went to KERAMIDA for the CDP training and it was excellent. I received and learned more than I expected. I totally recommend them.
— Major American Multinational Chemical Corporation
Monday and Tuesday were very rewarding. You have been most helpful, going way beyond my expectations. I believe I am also able to explain the process and scoring to the others in my team to ensure performance at the plant level consistent with the vision of our company. I will also be following up with KERAMIDA regarding upcoming needs, particularly as we reach to achieve compliance to the new silica standard within the casting division.
— Regional Sustainability Manager (Autoparts Castings Manufacturer)
The presenters were incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and interesting. I definitely would take training courses from them again in the future.
— Sustainability Reporting Training Participant
Keramida provided some of the best training that I have received in my 20 year career.
— Sustainability Reporting Training Participant
The training provided information that will help me provide stronger counsel to my clients on their CSR reporting and helped clarify how each step of the process is critical for the next step.
— Sustainability Reporting Training Participant