Facility Decommissioning for Frank E. Ratts Generating Station

Project Details:

KERAMIDA contracted with electric cooperative Hoosier Energy to provide oversight services for demolition of the Frank E. Ratts Generating Station, which functioned as a coal-fired power plant in Petersburg, beginning in 1970, before going off-line in 2015.

The 9-story, 250 megawatt generating facility functioned with twin steam electric turbine generators and was demolished from 2016-2017. Over the life of the abatement project, KERAMIDA’s trained and certified asbestos professionals were on-site to assist as third-party asbestos abatement experts. Site work included containment area inspections, certification and verification of abatement workers, air sampling, and PCM microscope analysis on-site. KERAMIDA also assisted with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in obtaining the NPDES general permit for stormwater exposed to construction activities pursuant to 327 IAC 15-5 (Rule 5). KERAMIDA continues its work with ongoing implementation and inspection of the SWPPP for theX acre site. The Ratts Generating Station was constructed on the banks of the White River, therefore monitoring the integrity of the SWPPP is vital.

Site deconstruction resulted in a significant waste stream. KERAMIDA is assisting with the Waste Management Plan implementation and oversight for hazardous materials, universal waste segregation, management, sampling, transportation, manifest management, and final disposal facility spot audits.

KERAMIDA also coordinates regularly with on-site safety personnel and provides third party verification assistance with overall health and safety of the project, ensuring OSHA regulation compliance. At the conclusion of this ongoing project, KERAMIDA will provide a Final Report Summary with asbestos abatement, air monitoring, stormwater inspection forms, and records of all manifests and bills of lading.

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