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Dr. Vicky Keramida, Ph.D. 

Chairman and CEO
Experience: 31 yrs

Dr. Keramida is the CEO, Chief Technical Officer and founder of KERAMIDA Inc. Dr. Keramida holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University and a B.S. in Sciences also from Purdue. She is a nationally recognized expert in remediation, waste and wastewater management, water quality, and sustainability strategies. She is the author of manuals and technical textbooks, holds a patent on hazardous waste treatment and reuse, and has published and presented over 200 technical papers. Dr. Keramida serves as Board Member and Chairman of the Board of numerous industrial and civic organizations, as well as governmental agencies and universities. She has served as an expert witness in many cases involving complex source and cause of contamination issues, vapor intrusion issues, investigation/remediation issues, water quality, wastewater treatment, fish kills, and toxicology and the impacts of chemicals on human health. Dr. Keramida has received many awards for technical excellence and business leadership, including Purdue University’s Civil Engineering Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, and American Foundry Society’s Life Achievement Award. She is a member of the KERAMIDA Litigation Experts Group and a frequent lecturer at Purdue University’s School of Civil Engineering.

Dr. Keramida has played a lead role in conceiving and developing KERAMIDA’s Sustainability Model Program for Cities, including Sustainability Metrics for Capital Projects and Rebirth of City Economies through Rivers. Dr. Keramida has, furthermore, developed the Profitable Urban Farming and EcoCrossroads Initiative. She has played a lead role in municipal planning projects, including Successful Integration of Industries into Cities, Brownfields Redevelopment for Neighborhood Revitalization, the creation through legislation of a Taxing Authority responsible for cleaning up a Superfund Site, Reuse of Superfund Sites, Sustainable Development of Parks on Remediated Superfund Sites, Regional Water Quality Planning, and Regional Water Resources Management.

In the industrial arena, Dr. Keramida is leading KERAMIDA’s GreenSTEP™ Sustainability Initiative, a planning process and metrics rating system for Sustainable businesses and industry. The software-based GreenSTEP™ incorporates market sector-specific metrics developed by KERAMIDA.

In 2000, Dr. Keramida founded a Sustainability research and development company in California, TECHNIKON, LLC, and privatized a U.S. Department of Defense 5-year old green manufacturing research program. TECHNIKON, whose major clients included the U.S. DoD and U.S. car manufacturers, focused its sustainability research on green manufacturing to eliminate air pollution and wastes, as well as on validation of Biomass-to-Energy processes, and became a not-for-profit institute in 2011.

Dr. Keramida has over 30 years of experience with many Superfund sites, having been responsible for activities in all phases, on behalf of clients, including: search for PRPs; Chairing PRP Technical Committee; performing RI/FS and remedial design; drafting the technical portion of Consent Decrees; Negotiating with USEPA and state agencies; holding public meetings and preparing materials for public outreach; overseeing remedy construction activities; conducting O&M; and preparing and submitting to the USEPA and state all required reports. Dr. Keramida has, furthermore, been instrumental in identifying additional sources of pollutant releases in Superfund sites and in the cause and cost allocation amongst PRPs, and in the creation of special legislation allowing the formation of a special board of elected officials with the authority to undertake the responsibility of a Superfund site and levy taxes for its cleanup. Dr. Keramida secured the approval for the Reuse of a Superfund site by the USEPA and state, based on her comprehensive Reuse Study for that site, and she taught her Superfund Reuse Study in the spring 2016 semester of the Purdue University Civil Engineering Senior Design Course. At the end of this precedent-setting course, the 87 students produced a series of amazingly innovative designs for Superfund Reuse activities.

KERAMIDA and Dr. Keramida are benefactors to the KERAMIDA Foundation for the Environment, Education and Arts, and to a unique Indianapolis museum, the Keramida Museum of Art, featuring World War II paintings, and Greek and Indiana landscapes by renowned Greek artist Alkis Keramidas, winner of the U.S. Marshall Plan Prize for Art. The museum houses over 70 paintings and is free and open to the public. Its space is regularly donated for art events and fundraisers. 

Kristen Belcredi, P.E., C.H.M.M., ISO Auditor 

Senior Vice President, Engineering Services
Experience: 25 yrs

Ms. Belcredi joined KERAMIDA in 1993, and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Engineering Services, where she is responsible for leading, managing, and providing technical oversight to KERAMIDA's team of engineers. Ms. Belcredi advises clients on Management Systems; environmental engineering; permitting and compliance; sustainability programs; pollution control technology; energy management; green product certification; sustainable packaging; and carbon and water footprinting. Ms. Belcredi also works with clients on development, implementation and auditing of environmental, health & safety and sustainability Management Systems using KERAMIDA’s proprietary FastTrack™ process - a system Ms. Belcredi personally developed which focuses on a client’s unique attributes and creates a customized Management System ready for certification in 3-4 months. Ms. Belcredi also provides technical guidance on regulatory applicability, Management Systems and product certifications, environmental permitting, reuse opportunities, and pollution prevention. In addition, she provides training on EHS compliance requirements, ISO auditing, and best management practices.

Ms. Belcredi is active in numerous professional associations and is former Chair of the Air and Waste Management Association, Indiana Chapter. She has been appointed and serves on the External Advisory Board of the Purdue School of Environmental and Ecological Engineering. She serves on the Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention Executive Committee and she is a committee member of the American Foundry Society’s Waste, Water, and Air Committees. Ms. Belcredi is co-author of a Spill Response and Reporting Manual and a regular lecturer at regional and national conferences. 

Ms. Belcredi is a Registered Professional Engineer in many states, and a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.


Trent Blake, ASP 

Director of Security, Health & Safety Services
Experience: 18 yrs

As the Director of Security, Health and Safety Services for KERAMIDA’s multi-disciplined service organization, Mr. Blake plays a pivotal role within the corporation by providing strategic direction to the company and its clients. He has a proven track record of delivering effective and efficient safety management across complex international organizations. Formerly a regional safety manager for Johnson Controls and a safety/security manager for Ingersoll Rand, Mr. Blake ensures that effective security, health and safety systems are in place and that a robust safety culture is developed throughout a corporation. He works in highly regulated industries providing and delivering solutions to further improve the health and safety of employees while also improving efficiencies in working practice. Mr. Blake designs and delivers strategic health and safety plans adapted to a wide and varied risk profile. He works directly with health and safety managers to ensure they have clear guidance by providing support and developing H&S systems to ensure they achieve set goals. 

Mr. Blake is responsible for providing leadership and technical support to clients while supporting the application of EHS Management Systems, procedures, programs, and standards. His responsibilities include developing, in alignment with a facility’s operation, the process for annual review of the EHS performance and Management System. He ensures the EHS commitment of the company’s management team in order to implement processes to achieve compliance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations. He assures that specialized training is provided by developing, modifying, and implementing training programs as required. In addition, he coaches, supports, and instructs the clients’ management team to achieve a high level of Health, Safety, and Environmental capabilities resulting in an integrated approach to safe operations by encouraging active participation by all employees in Health, Safety, and Environmental processes, including company and regulatory requirements. Mr. Blake also has experience in claims management of workers’ compensation claims to ensure plans are in place to effectively manage and reduce claims costs.

Mr. Blake’s experience with OSHA, including Process Safety Management, has focused on chemical industries, pharmaceutical plants, foundries and other manufacturing environments. He is one of the most knowledgeable silica experts in the country and has developed a unique silica mapping process that is being used extensively in the metal casting industry to assist in compliance with the 2018 OSHA Silica Rule. His expertise has also included construction safety management, training and security management. In addition to holding extensive certifications in training from OSHA Outreach Training Institutes, he is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer, an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) and holds a B.S. in Building Construction Management from Purdue University.

Steve Cobb 

Vice President, Land Services
Experience: 18 yrs

As Vice President of Land Services at KERAMIDA, Mr. Cobb has managed and performed field activities on hundreds of projects involving asbestos surveys and abatement oversight, large water loss events, hazardous waste removals, site investigations, remediation, UST management, and site assessments. He manages projects in accordance with a variety of regulatory programs including Superfund, LUST, VRP, Brownfields, RCG, TDEQ, LDEQ RECAP, and Ohio VAP.

Mr. Cobb has extensive experience as the on-site project manager on multi-million dollar complex environmental projects, including those in the Superfund program, and many redevelopment projects, including a $3 million project in Arkansas and a $5 million Superfund project in Indiana. Mr. Cobb works closely with clients to minimize potential delays that could be caused by environmental concerns. 

Mr. Cobb is a Licensed Indiana Asbestos Project Designer, and serves as KERAMIDA’s program manager for Simon Property Group and Washington Prime Group at their facilities located throughout the US, which include over 400 locations at both their malls and lifestyle centers. He is responsible for all asbestos inspections and abatement oversight, due diligence, water loss events, site investigations, remediation, and indoor air quality evaluations.

Mr. Cobb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management from Indiana University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Indianapolis. He holds the following certifications:  Health and Safety Training - OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910 and 1926; and HAZWOPER Certification.

Pamela Griesemer, M.S., ISO Auditor, LEED 

Vice President of Operations, Sustainability Services
Experience: 21 yrs

Ms. Griesemer joined KERAMIDA in 2008, and currently manages KERAMIDA’s Sustainability Services business unit and leads a team of analysts, designers, scientists, and engineers in the strategic, outcome-oritented, whole-systems approach to sustainability involving the optimization of social, environmental, and economic factors. Her team serves industry with a focus on outcomes such as regulatory compliance, process efficiency, implementation of best practices, continual improvement, sustainability benchmarking, reporting, ranking and rating, and ultimately, risk reduction and value creation. Her team also serves government and institutional clients with a focus on outcomes such as local capacity building and operational efficiency, funding, and maintaining high-performance infrastructure, amenities and services, project recognition and credentialing and operationalizing the means for cultivating financial, natural, and human capital toward states of social equity and environmental justice.

Ms. Griesemer works with industrial and municipal clients to develop, operationalize and optimize programs, and their accompanying suite of procedures and tools, designed to improve clients’ performance and efficiency in areas such as environment, health and safety, sustainability, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, greenhouse gas emissions, and business continuity. Her experience includes development and design of the critical elements of a high-functioning management system's approach to continual improvement such as risk-assessment and prioritization, work instruction development, action plan deployment and tracking, monitoring and measuring, internal and external communications, and auditing.

Ms. Griesemer has two decades of combined experience in Brownfield Redevelopment and Planning, environmental technology R&D and the implementation of Management Systems. Her technical experience includes solid oxide fuel cell technology research and development with Argonne National Laboratory, experimental simulation of surface reactions implicated for stratospheric ozone depletion, selection of analytical methods for soil and groundwater characterization, bioremediation technology development and scale-up for field applications, evaluation of novel combinations of bioremediation technologies with conventional remediation methods, program design of a CERCLA Chemical Dehalogenation Treatability Study for the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, environmental due diligence investigations in support of over a hundred real estate transactions, and programmatic environmental compliance support for industrial facilities.

Ms. Griesemer holds a M.S. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Chemistry Magna Cum Laude from Ball State University. Ms. Griesemer has also completed coursework in Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment at Harvard University. Ms. Griesemer is a qualified ISO Lead Auditor and a GBCI certified LEED® Green Associate. She earned Sustainability Accounting Standard Board’s (SASB’s) Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting (FSA) Level 1 and 2 credentials, secured KERAMIDA’s status as a CDP USA Silver Education and Training Partner and as a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Training Partner.

Brian Harrington 

Vice President, Land Services Operations
Experience: 24 yrs

Mr. Harrington is responsible for managing KERAMIDA's Land Services, including overseeing the Land Services staff, project staffing, and the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures for all sampling processes. Mr. Harrington also serves as Senior Project Manager on complex investigation, remediation and due diligence projects. He is a team leader in KERAMIDA’s consultancy firm working in partnership with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes through the application of design, consultancy, engineering, and project management services.

Since joining KERAMIDA in 1993, Mr. Harrington has managed and performed field activities in hundreds of projects involving hazardous waste removals, site investigations, remediation, vapor intrusion investigation and mitigation, UST management, asbestos and lead inspections, asbestos abatement oversight, site assessments, and industrial air inspections. In addition, he has directed and managed extensive field sampling activities for stormwater sampling, river sampling, air sampling (ambient and indoor), and waste sampling. Mr. Harrington works closely with clients to meet their unique environmental needs and to form long term working relationships by assisting them in achieving compliance with regulations influencing their operations. 

Mr. Harrington received a B.S. in Environmental Health and Sciences from Indiana State University. He holds the following certifications:  Health and Safety Training - OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910 and 1926, OSHA Site Supervisor, and Federal Method 303 Coke Oven Inspection. In November 2013, the USEPA approved Mr. Harrington as a 303 panel member, one of ten in the country.

Kathy Moore

Vice President, Air Services
Experience: 20 yrs

Since joining KERAMIDA in 2006, Ms. Moore is responsible for air compliance, including in-plant compliance services and permitting, for industrial clients in various categories. Ms. Moore has completed in excess of 500 air permit applications including New Source Review (NSR), Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), Title V Permits, FESOP, MSOP, Source Specific Operating Agreements (SSOAs), Registrations and Permits by Rule (PBR), for clients from various industries, including atmospheric dispersion modeling review.

Prior to joining KERAMIDA, Ms. Moore was Chief of one of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM’s) two Air Permits Sections, where she was responsible for the technical review and accuracy of air permits drafted by an in-house and outsourced staff of 30 permit writers. During her tenure at IDEM she was responsible for several types of construction and operation permits, including but not limited to Title V, Federally Enforceable State Operating Permits (FESOP), Minor Source Operating Permits (MSOP), source modifications, NSR permits and others. Her experience at IDEM also included advising staff on complex permit procedures and interpretations, assisting in the development of model permit conditions and rule language for Title V and FESOP permits, training staff, and assessing air permits' effects on cross-media permit programs and permit condition enforceability. Ms. Moore also held a leadership role in the area of compliance assurance monitoring (CAM) implementation.

Ms. Kathy Moore has over twenty-three years of experience managing multifaceted and diverse projects in the environmental compliance sphere. She is prequalified for 5.7, Air Quality Analysis for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) services with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Ms. Moore received a B.S. in Sciences from Purdue University.

Mack Overton 

Vice President, Industrial Services
Experience: 25 yrs

Mack Overton serves as Vice President in charge of KERAMIDA’s Environmental Compliance and Health & Safety Services serving heavy industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, utilities, and businesses. KERAMIDA’s EHS Compliance Services provide clients technical support and strategy advice on addressing air emissions, storm water, community right-to-know, solid and hazardous waste, wastewater issues, industrial hygiene, safety and overall EHS compliance, internationally. 

Mr. Overton manages all phases of EHS compliance, including permitting and reporting, management plan development, compliance audits, Management Systems, corrective actions, waste management, and sampling and analysis across all media at facilities throughout the USA and abroad. He has completed in excess of 100 air permits for clients from various industries, including atmospheric dispersion modeling, as well as developed hundreds of plans for the management of hazardous waste, chemical products, and oil products, and pollution prevention assessments and risk assessments.

Mr. Overton's health and safety experience includes compliance audits, industrial hygiene sampling and analysis, indoor air quality assessments, and occupational health and safety training.  He has been involved in negotiations of more than 50 Notices of Violation (NOV)/Agreed Orders (AO) and has served as an expert witness in both deposition and trial.

Mr. Overton has a B.A. in Chemistry from Wabash College and has completed graduate coursework in Environmental Planning at Indiana University. He is a Qualified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and has been a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) and a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP). In addition, Mr. Overton has been a member of the Air and Waste Management Association, the American Indoor Air Quality Council, and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Environmental Committee.

Jim Schifo, P.E., ISO Auditor

Vice President, Greenhouse Gases, Air & Energy 
Experience: 36 yrs

Mr. Schifo is an expert in industrial operations, air pollution control, greenhouse gases and energy use by industrial processes. He is a graduate of General Motors Institute, with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Schifo is a registered Professional Engineer and has been an expert witness testifying on air, water, waste, noise and OSHA issues.

Prior to joining KERAMIDA in 2000, Mr. Schifo worked for General Motors Corporation in leadership positions in plant engineering, management, including environmental and OSHA compliance, and research projects. He has participated in numerous foundry research projects and joint agency initiatives including Casting Emission Reduction Program (CERP), where he served as Chairman of the Process Committee and the Emissions Modeling Committee. He was also a member of the MACT Task Force, EPA’s Sustainable Industry Programs, and the Pennsylvania State University’s Advanced Oxidation Project.

Mr. Schifo's work experience in foundries includes Process Engineering, Process Control and Optimization, Management, Air Toxics Regulations, Air Permitting, Emissions Inventories, NPDES and Landfill Permitting, Industrial Compliance Audits, OSHA Compliance, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000. He has been an active member and Vice-Chair of the American Foundry Society’s (AFS) 10-E Air Quality Committee, Chair of the Division 10 Executive Committee, Chair of the AFS Emission Database Committee, past member of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Cast Metals Association and the Steering Committee for the Iron and Steel MACT Task Force. Mr. Schifo is an instructor for the AFS Environmental 101 Training Courses, and he has received the American Foundry Society’s Environmental Health and Safety Service Award in 1999 as well as the AFS “Childress Loebler Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2011.

Mr. Schifo was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy to perform a comprehensive evaluation of best practices in the metalcasting industry as they relate to energy use and CO2 emissions reductions. Completed in 2005, “Theoretical/Best Practice Energy Use in Metalcasting Operations” is on the Department of Energy website and serves as the foundation for issues related to CO2 emission reductions in the metalcasting industry. Mr. Schifo has also evaluated the feasibility and carbon footprints of renewable energy options for biomass technologies.

Mr. Schifo’s air expertise includes air permits for heavy manufacturing, emission factors, condensable particles and stack testing.  He has successfully permitted several new, heavy manufacturing plants, receiving the air permits from the regulatory agencies in record times.  Mr. Schifo’s over 35 years of experience includes performing extensive greenhouse gas inventories, energy audits and carbon footprints of numerous facilities and municipalities, including city-wide inventories, municipal water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, and manufacturing plants.  In addition to the numerous technical papers he has published on air quality and energy use, he also regularly lectures on energy reduction, global greenhouse gases and air quality at conferences.  He is a qualified ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and a member of the KERAMIDA Litigation Experts Group.

John Wellspring

Senior Project Manager, EHS Compliance Services  
Experience: 36 yrs

Mr. Wellspring provides audit, environmental management, and compliance consulting services to industrial facilities, throughout the US and internationally, addressing air, storm water, community right-to-know, solid and hazardous waste, toxic substances, water/wastewater, and hazardous materials/substances.

Mr. Wellspring manages all phases of environmental compliance work, including permitting and reporting, permit negotiation, program and plan development, Management Systems, compliance audits, compliance assistance, waste management, pollution control evaluation, training, and sampling/analysis at facilities.  He has completed over 100 multi-media environmental compliance audits for clients ranging from small private companies to fortune 500 corporations in a wide array of industries, states and countries, including serving as lead auditor for environmental, health and safety audits at complex chemical and industrial facilities.

Mr. Wellspring’s industrial experience includes chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive/automotive parts, metalworking/fabrication, secondary aluminum, foundries, metal plating, aerospace, defense, utilities, incinerators, mineral products, large appliance, plastic and fiberglass products, food/beverage, petroleum, ethanol and bio-fuel refineries, natural gas production and distribution, hospitals, asphalt plants, glass plants, wood product manufacturers, fertilizer/pesticide manufacturers, agricultural industries, waste treatment facilities, and petroleum products distributors. These industries are involved in a wide variety of manufacturing activities, including chemical mixing/synthesis/reactions, combustion/incineration, surface coating, plating, melting, heat treatment, casting, forging, forming, stamping, molding, extrusions, shot-blasting, welding, and finishing.

Mr. Wellspring has served as an expert witness, trainer and environmental manager, and is proficient in electronic reporting tools used by numerous state agency programs. He is a trained ISO 14000 Lead Auditor, and a 24-hour HAZWOPER Emergency Response Supervisor. Mr. Wellspring has completed professional project management training, and was a Master Level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) for a number of years. In addition, Mr. Wellspring has been a member of the Air and Waste Management Association since 1992. He has over 30 years of EHS compliance experience.