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We appreciate the time and effort that you put into developing this excellent draft work plan. We know there was much hand wringing by you in trying to address concerns and at the same time complying with the Agreed Order and addressing IDEM’s concerns. No one could have walked that tightrope better than you. Please be assured that we know and appreciate the value you bring to this difficult exercise.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Draft Work Plan for Remediation)
I found myself very comfortable in accepting your word and trusting what you had to say. In today’s business world that’s not easy.
— Petroleum Company (Soil & Groundwater Investigation and Remediation)
I look forward to continuing to work with you. Your service, knowledge, and response have been extraordinary.
— Industrial Facility (Soil & Groundwater Investigation and Remediation)
On a personal note, I appreciate all your help and the help of the rest of the KERAMIDA folks in getting this remediation completed and accepted by IDEM. We had a lot of personalities and issues to deal with, which you handled with great aplomb.
— Attorney at Major Law Firm (Remediation Project)
Thank you for accelerating the analysis and your quick response and cooperation.
— Industrial Facility (Phase II Soil & Groundwater Investigation)
I received a letter this morning stating BUSTR requires no further corrective action... I was beginning to believe this day would never come. Thank you so much for all your help. Between you and your subcontractor, my faith in others has been restored.
— Property Owner (Previous consultant was fired. KERAMIDA performed site investigation and closure and submitted a NFA request.)

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