Bob Gilmore, CIH

Senior Project Manager, Health, Safety and Environmental Services
Experience: 35 yrs

Mr. Gilmore has decades of experience providing health, safety, and environmental services in a wide range of projects. He has extensive technical expertise in environmental sciences, analytical chemical laboratories, industrial hygiene, chemical safety, explosive safety, industrial safety, radiation safety, safety engineering, construction safety, environmental education and promotion, safety training, safety inspection, environmental remediation and accident investigation. In addition to providing direct services to clients, Mr. Gilmore provides quality assurance overview of work performed by others at KERAMIDA.

Mr. Gilmore has demonstrated exemplary success in the investigative (assessment), design, construction (including remediation), and operational phases of projects complicated by the presence of hazardous and/or highly regulated materials and site conditions. He has been the accountable professional for projects in the infrastructure and public works, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transportation, architectural, structural, nuclear, and the environmental remediation/restoration business sectors. His experience includes extensive regulatory compliance and litigation support consultation; direct management of construction and/or technical service delivery projects; construction claim arbitration and mitigation support; and development and instruction of technical training programs. Mr. Gilmore has been admitted as an expert witness in state and federal courts, and has provided technical consultation services throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada, Europe, Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Mr. Gilmore obtained his undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Washington, Seattle, and has been certified, since 1978, by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene in the comprehensive practice of Industrial Hygiene. He currently holds security clearances with the US Department of Energy and, during previous assignments, with the US Department of Defense. When not supporting clients, he enjoys golf, attending NCAA sports events, and breeding and riding western cutting horses at his small ranch.

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